[The film]

[NO-RES] is a chronicle of life during the last days of Colònia Castells, one of the last remaining workers' quarters in Barcelona. The destruction of its small houses and alleys will bury a unique relational microcosm and obliterate its inhabitants' very human way of under- standing city space.

We present this videographic chronicle in two different levels: as a finished work (which we call "the film") and as a Work in Progress

The film shows three moments in this space which depict the destruction of patterns of daily life that have existed for generations. These moments are:

1.LIFE: A evocation of life in Colònia Castells through the interactions of its residents on the streets.

2.TAXIDERMY: We watch as this life is frozen and dissected in the face of the imminent demolition of this picturesque space.

3.DEATH: We intensely experience the trauma of the demolition of the houses in this quarter.

We are talking about a paradigm of town-planning that is being implemented in many cities throughout the West:

in the middle of the district of Les Corts, the tiny quarter is completely surrounded by big buildings and avenues, like Entença Street. The documentary shows, in a very visual way, how the horizontal city becomes a vertical one. Unavoidably, [NO-RES] also tells of the exodus of its main characters, who will be evicted at the beggining of 2011 and forced to adapt to an almost opposite environment. The story ends with the demolition of the houses where many of the neighbors were born.

The documentary is tied together by the space itself and the way of life within it: many hours of sun, absence of traffic, life in the streets, contact with neighbors, old people going for a walk, children playing with a ball, etc. In comparison to this space of life, we'll find the latent presence of the unlivable-space which grows little by little in the city. This non-space is exemplified by Entença Street, the four-lane street which crosses the quarter with its intense traffic and its absence of life. This sort of space is what we call [NO-RES].

[NO-RES], in Catalan: [NOTHING].