[A .CC project]

A .CC Project is a production developed through a website with a .cc domain, which we directly relate to Creative Commons Licenses.

These licenses give the work some rights which go further than the traditional copyright and which envisage the possibility of making copies and distributing the work on the net for free. This approach is an alternative to the commercial production procedures we have gotten used to.

Most projects with theses characteristics are produced with low budgets and limited equipment. [NO-RES] wants to demonstrate that film productions with larger budgets can also be developed outside of the traditional commercial circuits which, by applying a traditional copyright, restrict free distribution.

[WHY .CC?]

—To get the widest distribution, free of restrictions.

—To avoid granting exclusive rights to any TV channel or private organization.

—Because this work may inspire and even become a part of future works. We want it to be like that.