[NO-RES] is not only about making art.
[NO-RES] is a project that follows a political goal: denounce the phenomenon of gentrification. We want to show through exhaustive observation how a peaceful way of living in the city turns slowly into a sort of nothing: a place where citizens can only consume when they don’t work, where children watch TV when they are not in school and where neighbors are complete strangers. We want to explain it as if it was some kind of sordid fairy tale without happy ending.
[NO-RES] is also a way of of documenting human heritage by recovering the collective memory of a place that has almost disappeared.
[NO-RES] wants to be a close but silent witness of an endangered urban model that dignifies people against a Show-room city that has been sold to tourists, where the cost of living is rising as much as the size of the buildings that are being planned.

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  1. joan says:

    sóc estudiant de grau i estic interessat en veure el documental

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