The following are some of the collectives that are willing to collaborate with us for an independent distribution and broadcast of the film:
Eguzki Bideoak is a popular, horizontal and independent project which aims to a radical and deep transformation of the production system and the relations among human beings, nations and with nature. It is the product of a specific reflections around production and distribution of audiovisual and telematic information. It’s an anticapitalist proposal because it doesn’t see communication as a product. That’s why it tries to handle with means of communication beyon the market.
The priority of Eguzki Bideoak is to transfer those ideas, experiences or conflicts, which have been forgoten, deformed, silenced or ciminalised from the means of making of consense.
Eguzki Bideoak searches the junction with other organisations and projects that work within alternative communication ant tries to incentivate the confluence with groups that share similar perspectives, working with affinity and respecting differences.

We’re intensely working on it, please come back in a few days!

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