[NO-RES] is a project of media-activism that advocates for Free Culture.

Its production follows a non-commercial strategy and is made possible without pre-selling the documentary to any commercial TV Channels or to distribution companies.

You make possible Free Culture thanks to your participation.

Why become a part of the project [NO-RES]?

  • —Because you believe there should be a social debate about gentrification in Western societies.
  • —Because you believe documentary films can be a tool to show us alternatives worth fighting for.
  • —Because you believe that Culture is a public good, not a mere product of the so-called Culture Industry.

How to collaborate with the project [NO-RES]?

  • Contact us and become a part of our team.
  • —Talk about us on your Social Network sites.
  • —Donate through the web.

What does it mean to become a Producer of [NO-RES]?

Becoming a Producer means investing financially in the film. This project needs many producers: The more we are, the easier it will be to get this project on its feet. You can decide the amount you want to donate: the following are some suggestions:

  • 10 $
    You appear in the credits of the film.

  • 15 $
    You appear in the credits of the film.
    +Producer T-Shirt

  • 35 $
    You appear in the credits of the film.
    +Producer T-Shirt
    + You get an original DVD of the film when it’s finished.

    You can also donate higher amounts!

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